#OCDwalk #OCD Meet Up: Glasgow


OCD bringing people together.

In Glasgow I had the previlage of meeting up with a number of other OCD sufferers. We made contact through twitter and the website in the build up to me arriving in Glasgow and arranged to meet up in a bar on Monday evening. Amongst them were representatives from Glasgow’s OCD Support Group and Glasgow’s Young Person’s OCD Support Group. We had a great time, not only talking OCD, but laughing and joking about all sorts. Honestly it’s amazing how familiar you can feel around people you’ve only just met.

It was fantastic to leave Glasgow having made new friends as a result of OCD – what can be an extrememly isolating and debilitating condition. I hope to have many more similar experiences in other cities and at other meet ups along the way. Please do get in touch if you’d like to meet up or walk with me at any point during the #OCDwalk.


One thought on “#OCDwalk #OCD Meet Up: Glasgow

  1. Hi wow I’m happy to hear that you found a community where your mental health condition is understood and supported. I can’t even imagine how hard every day must be for you as I’m not diagnosed with OCD myself but am being told quite a lot with the way I do things that I do but who know? I read up about OCD (I’m such a nerd) so if you want talk about it I’m here for you but I know it’s not the same x
    -Broken Angel-


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