Why it’s so hard for sufferers to seek help

On average it takes ….. for people with OCD to receive help.


OCD sufferers are likely scared, worried or outright fearful of what other people will think, should they tell them about their intrusive thoughts?

They may be embarrassed over ritualistic habits – Not want to admit to themselves let alone anyone else that there is a problem – Think that they should be able to overcome and manage this themselves – Worry over people or a doctor thinking they’re crazy…

All this means sufferers often refrain from talking to anyone about what they are going through; and ultimately this is the worst thing that can happen.

It may also come down to sufferers thinking they are alone in this and not realising they are actually at the mercy of a serious mental health condition; and this is again where the importance of awareness comes in.

You need to speak out otherwise you ruminate and things get progressively worse.



Vicious Cycles

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